Come crawl with us.

Looking for that new Spot? In the mood to mingle, in person, with minimal chat screen awkwardness and maximum fun? Download BeaconCrawl, grab some friends (or fly solo), and let the games begin: your typical night on the town just became the night you’ll always remember. With the power of Beacons—think little robots giving you to-the-minute updates on the neighborhood’s most exciting bars and clubs—BeaconCrawl will make sure you’re never short of speciality drinks, real-life perks and rewards, and, most importantly, new and interesting people to meet and connect with. BeaconCrawl: Crawl, Carouse, Connect.

The Game

Find a Crawl or start your own. Hit your favorites or check out the hottest new Spot. Bring some friends, or fly solo and make new ones. There’s no wrong way to Crawl: follow the Beacons, meet interesting people, and make merry—you’ll be earning points and cool perks the whole way. Bonus: you’ll have plenty of new selfies to laugh at tomorrow.

The Deals

Feeling thrifty? BeaconCrawl lets you hit the town without breaking the bank: our exciting, always changing lineup of deals, specials, and real-life rewards will keep your wallet happy, so you can worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

The Dating

BeaconCrawl not only connects you to the coolest new Spots—it connects you with new and interesting people. Skip the chatscreen introductions and find that face in the crowd: our Beacons make it easy to meet and mingle where it’s most exciting—in the real world, face-to-face. And thanks to our secure geo-aware technology, you can focus on that cute smile instead of whether you’re chatting up a robot, or a catfish.

How to BeaconCrawl

What are Beacons?

Beacons (or iBeacons) are an indoor positioning system which utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmitters to notify nearby mobile devices of their presence. The technology enables a device or other hardware to trigger an action on mobile devices in close proximity. Devices can respond to the triggers by displaying Push Notifications and launching your app which helps deepen engagement with your customers.