Mobile Marketer:

New York bars gamify traditional pub crawling using beacon technology

“Pub crawls and pop-up parties are popular all over the world,” said Bill Aurnhammer, CEO and founder of Aurnhammer, New York. “Using beacons, we’ve turned the traditional crawl into a scavenger hunt by combining the two ideas.”


“Smart” pub crawl triggers downtown technology adventure

“ 6:30 pm, May 20th. A high-spirited crowd gathered in a building lobby at 55 Broad Street. Exchanging conversations in excitement, they tapped their phones around a green circle, and faces lighted up when a clue jumped onto their phone screen. “Time to head to the first secret location!” The crowd quickly dissolved into the streets.”

Cult of Mac:

NYC bars use iBeacons to gamify the pub crawl experience

“An interactive bar crawl event, supporting venues in lower New York hit by 2012’s Superstorm Sandy, BeaconCrawl will use iBeacons to help gamify the experience of staggering between drinking establishments, getting increasingly legless.


Beacons make pub crawls look cool

“This is an interactive pub crawl in support of bars in lower manhattan that were devastated by Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Beacons will be installed in the participating venues and other locations along the way guiding everyone with prompts through a mobile app.”

DNAInfo New York:

App-led pub crawl headed to FiDi bars hit by Hurricane Sandy

“The name for the app comes from the technology that it employs. Beacons, or small bluetooth sensors, will be placed in the bars participating in the crawl. Drinkers will only get messages when they are near the bars, giving the event a “very ‘Mission Impossible’ feel.”

The iBeacon Report:

iBeacons to be used in first ever “BeaconCrawl”

“Pushing localized social and consumer engagement through technology is the main goal of mobile app maker Aurnhammer, who is spearheading this project. Other sponsors of the event, which is scheduled for May 20th in Lower Manhattan, are Downtown Alliance and the transportation service Uber. Once again, iBeacons are proving that their potential use can be taken advantage of in multiple consumer markets.”



“The 2014 BeaconCrawl is being held on Tuesday, May 20 in New York City. The social event hopes to move attendees from one bar to the next for drinks, food, and conversation, using iBeacon.”


Bluetooth smart technology triggers social engagement in NYC BeaconCrawl

“Bluetooth Smart technology provides the trigger to deliver rich and relevant experiences to a hyper-targeted audience. The BeaconCrawl platform marries these technologies together to drive and enhance social and consumer engagement.”

NFC World:

Aurnhammer takes BLE on a New York pub crawl

“This was our very first event so it really started out as being a tech demo. We’re interested in the technology and we just wanted to have a fun way to show it to our friends and acquaintances and that’s where this whole concept came from.”

RFID Journal:

Aurnhammer Organizes BeaconCrawl event with Manhattan bars

“Gobin says the BeaconCrawl—which is designed to showcase how clients can use beacons and apps for interactive marketing and advertising—will be much like a scavenger hunt. As participants move along the path or enter venues, the beacons will emit data that will be picked up by the smartphones, which will then serve up alerts, deals and interactive games, as well as clues for the next stop along the crawl. “

Apple Insider:

New York City bars to use Apple’s iBeacons for app-driven ‘pub crawl’ promotion

“The concept is being spearheaded by mobile app maker Aurnhammer, which told AppleInsider that its goal is to push “localized social and consumer engagement” through technology.”

The Broad Street Daily:

Technology that crawls before it walks

“ This is a way to introduce the public to a technology that is already being tested at Macy’s and at NBA games. We’re trying to bring the virtual world back to physical interaction. This is meant to facilitate real, face-to-face contact between people — something that technology has diminished more often than it has enhanced.”


Ask a Dev: What are the Limitations of Beacons?

“Beacons can sync with certain apps to enhance many digital experiences — improving the way we shop at stores or helping us to find movie showtimes on the go. There’s even a beacon beer crawl.”


BeaconCrawl. Go on a pub crawl with iBeacon

“All this is happening in New York City. That’s the city where the police said crime would’ve gone down last year had it not been for people stealing iPhones. Raises an interesting point here. Nighttime, drinking, people wandering about with iPhones a little worse for wear.”

Patently Apple:

New York iPhone users to Benefit from iBeacon Event on May 20

“Beacons will be installed in the sponsor venues and various locations along the way, guiding crawlers to secret locations via on-screen instructions, where they will enjoy special drinks, perks and be presented challenges and information, thereby enhancing social interaction. “

Thirsty NYC:

App-driven bar crawl headed to downtown bars hit by hurricane Sandy

“According to initial reports, drinkers will be directed to different Downtown bars where they will collect points by completing fun tasks and then be able to redeem food and drink specials at at least five bars on and around Stone Street, through the app, Beaconcrawl’s Donn Gobin revealed. The crawl will help launch the app, which the company is hoping will spread to other neighborhoods and, eventually, other cities.”


iBeacon bar crawl coming soon

“Since the launch of iBeacon it has been used at CES 2014 and in several Major League Baseball stadiums, and now it is headed to a bar(s) near you as part of a NYC event called BeaconCrawl.”


iBeacon Used to Make New York City Pub Crawl a Social Tech Event

“I’ve heard of the  “Santa Crawl,” the “Craft Beer Crawl,” and even the “Last Mile,” but until today, I had never heard of the BeaconCrawl. That’s because, until recently, it had never existed. “

Mac Daily News:

New York City Bars to use Apple’s iBeacon for pub crawl promo

“Companies continue to find new and interesting ways of implementing Apple’s iBeacon technology, with one New York City event planning to direct participants on a Lower Manhattan ‘pub crawl’ via location-based notifications sent to their iPhones.”

Hospitality Technology:

6 Lesser Known Uses of Beacons in Restaurants

“Equipped with mobile devices, consumers today value personalized, contextual mobile engagement, built around their current location, interests and buying preferences.”

Sequence UK:

Why We Think Indoor Positioning is Going to be Huge

“Think about how much time we spend indoors: working, shopping and eating – at home, at the office, at shopping centers, at school, at airports, at train stations, etc.”